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In today’s world, technology is always changing and advancing. Whether it’s for a cell phone, tablet or smart watch, something new is always coming out. It is hard to keep up with all the latest gadgets, apps, operating systems, etc. Though we have made great technological advances, there are also some disadvantages and setbacks with new technology, especially when it comes to using new technology while driving.

The prime example is using cell phones/smart phones when driving.  They are great for drivers in emergency situations, i.e., when they have flat tires or when their cars break down.  Drivers can use cell phones to call a towing company or 911 to get help.  However, they have also become distractions for drivers. Even though it is illegal in NJ, drivers still talk or text on their cell or smart phones while driving.  As a result, a driver’s eyes are not on the road, and inattention to the road often leads to accidents.  They may hit and rear-end someone in front of them or drive into oncoming traffic from the opposite direction.

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The most recent hot tech item on the market is Google Glass, a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.  Google Glass performs many of the same functions as smartphones, such as taking pictures, getting directions, answering questions through voice commands, etc.  A small square monitor sits above the right eye, just off the normal line of vision.  In order to view information on the display, the user needs to look up.

Like smart phones, Google Glass may be another distraction for drivers.  In October 2013, a Southern California woman was cited for speeding and wearing Google Glass while driving.  Earlier this month, she beat the charges after the traffic court judge threw out both charges stating that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the Google Glass device was turned on at the time.  The driver claims that she was wearing the device, but it was not actually turned on.  In California, it is illegal to have Google Glass turned on while driving because it is a video display that distracts the driver.  *Source: (California motorist cleared in Google Glass case)

As Google Glass gains its popularity, legislators in all 50 states must start thinking about the potential dangers of Google Glass if drivers are using it while driving.  It is another distraction that can lead to serious and fatal accidents.

Three states already drafted laws that specifically ban Google Glass while driving, including New Jersey.  To learn about the NJ law banning the use of Google Glass while driving, see NJ Car Accident Law Update – NJ Legislature Considers Banning Use of New Google Glass While Driving.

Devices such as cell phones, smartphones, iPads, Google Glass, etc., should not be used by New Jersey drivers while driving, period.  They should only be used in an emergency situation.

Distracted driving accidents turn the lives of all involved upside down.  For injured drivers, passengers and pedestrians, medical bills may pile up.  They also may not have any source of income because their injuries may prevent them from returning to work for a period of time.  Worse, some of the victims may die as a result of a car accident.  Distracted drivers usually have no intentions of causing accidents, but if they do, they will live with the guilt of turning innocent lives upside down or worse, live with the guilt of taking an innocent life.

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