Jan 102014

The cold and icy conditions in the region over the last few days have caused several car and truck accidents in the South Jersey area which includes Cherry Hill, Marlton and Camden.  The freezing rain this past weekend also contributed to multiple accidents across the state.

NJ Truck and NJ Transit Bus Accidents Caused by Icy Road Conditions

Yesterday, the freezing rain caused both a NJ Transit bus and a salt truck to slide down a street in Trenton resulting in two separate accidents.  Fortunately, there were no injuries. *www.newjersey.news12.com (Cold snap creates icy conditions in NJ)

Car Accident on the Garden State Parkway Due to Slick Roads

The slick roads also caused an accident on the Garden State Parkway in Sayreville yesterday.  A driver in a Nissan Altima crashed into a NJ state trooper’s SUV on the Parkway.  The state trooper was investigating another accident on the Parkway, and his SUV was blocking the left lane.  The driver in the Altima lost control of her car and crashed into the state trooper’s SUV.  According to the news report, police could not say what caused the accident, but roads all over New Jersey, such as Cherry Hill, Marlton and Camden were extremely slick and slippery, which resulted in many car accidents.  *Source: www.nj.com (Driver injured after multiple car crashes on icy Garden State Parkway in Sayreville)

Car, Truck and Bus Accidents in Winter Conditions

Drivers need to use extreme caution when driving in winter conditions.  Though winter conditions, such as ice and snow, may contribute to and cause accidents, drivers who lose control of their vehicles may still be held responsible for car, truck or bus accidents and the injuries sustained by other drivers and passengers on the roads.

Car, truck and bus accidents in South Jersey caused by icy and slippery road conditions often lead to multi-vehicle accidents.  Because the roads are slippery, cars, trucks and buses lose control more easily and often crash into a second, third or fourth vehicle.

When multiple vehicles are involved, it may be tricky to determine which driver caused the accident.  An experienced NJ car, bus and truck accident personal injury lawyer is needed to help victims of car accidents recover the financial compensation they are entitled to.  Further, NJ car accident law pertaining to recovering medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering is very complex, and it is advisable to discuss your potential case with a lawyer soon after the accident.

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