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FAQ: What are permanent total benefits and permanent partial benefits? What are the differences and can I receive both after a car accident while I was making a delivery for work?

Answer: Permanent total benefits and permanent partial benefits are types of workers’ compensation benefits NJ workers may be eligible to receive after being injured while at work. However, these 2 types of benefits are only available to injured workers depending on their injuries and the extent of how the injuries affect the injured workers on a permanent basis.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Sometimes, when NJ workers or employees are injured while at work, their injuries are catastrophic and so serious that they cannot return to their previous jobs or any type of gainful employment. They are permanently disabled, and their disabilities prevent them from working for the rest of their lives. Injured workers are then eligible to receive permanent total disability benefits. Injured workers receive 70% of their (gross) average weekly average wage (not to exceed the statutory maximum rate or fall below the statutory minimum rate) for 450 weeks. Thereafter, they continue to receive the benefits for life so long as they show that they are still unable to return to any type of gainful employment.

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Permanent Partial Benefits

Permanent partial benefits are for workers who are permanently disabled, but can return to work. These benefits are also for workers whose injuries prevent them from returning to their previous jobs, but they can find other jobs. For example, a NJ worker in a chemical plant loses vision in his left eye after an accident inside the plant. Though he is able to return to work, he is permanently disabled because he lost vision in one of his eyes. In this case, he is eligible to receive permanent partial benefits. The amount he may receive is based on a percentage of “scheduled” or “nonscheduled” losses provided by the NJ Division of Workers’ Compensation. Loss of an eye is considered a “scheduled” loss.

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Because these 2 types of benefits are completely different from each other, an injured worker may not receive both of these benefits.

Because you were injured in a car accident while making a delivery for work, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on your injuries, you may qualify for permanent partial benefits or permanent total disability benefits.

Therefore, it is important that you talk to a NJ workers’ compensation lawyer to help you receive the maximum workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to.

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