New Jersey Products Liability

New Jersey Products Liability Cases

Products liability matters involve the failure of a product to work in the way it is supposed to work. For example, a car tire may blow out resulting in a car accident or a machine at work in a factory or office may cause injury to an employee.

Under these circumstances, the employee would have a workers compensation claim as well as a potential claim against the manufacturer and/or distributor of a product. In some cases, an explosion, electrocution or fire could result in liability of a manufacturer for failing to provide a proper warning or safe use instructions. Product liability matters require detailed investigation and preparation.

Product Liability Case Summary – Representation by the Law Office of Philip Ciprietti

Plaintiff was a middle aged, gainfully employed individual with a responsible job earning $75,000.00 a year.  On a weekend day, she was operating her motor vehicle when confronted by a runaway air compressor that was being hauled by a pickup truck coming in the opposite direction.  The compressor being hauled was as big as a small boat, and the trailer hitch was later found to be defective.  The air compressor also broke from the chains attached to the hitch and was headed directly for my client, out of control.  My client attempted to steer to the right, however, there was only a small shoulder with a metal guardrail.  She was struck head on by the runaway compressor.

The store which leased the compressor to the Defendant maintained that the manufacturer provided the store with safety chains which were inadequate for the weight, size and configuration of the compressor at the time that it was purchased.  The defective products in this case were the trailer hitch used by the towing vehicle and the safety chains provided to the store by the manufacturer of the compressor.

Plaintiff was never able to return to work due to the nature and extent of the injuries and was declared permanently and totally disabled making her eligible for Social Security Disability.  This case included causes of action for negligence and defective products.

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