Construction Accidents

New Jersey Construction Accidents

Construction site accidents often result in very serious injuries. Workers who are injured during the course and scope of their employment will be able to make workers’ compensation claims to pay for medical treatment and also to obtain lost wages as a result of a temporary or permanent disability. Read more about workers’ compensation here.

Construction Site Accidents Can Injure Bystanders

Negligence in construction may cause injury to bystanders. You do not have to be a construction worker to be injured at a construction site.

This office recently represented two shoppers at a popular local mall who were seriously injured while walking past a storefront that was improperly supported by a defective retaining wall. While simply walking by the store, the retaining wall collapsed upon them causing them both to be trapped underneath. The male and female shoppers were both very seriously injured. Fortunately, the male client was able to free himself and seek help for his girlfriend who remained under the collapsed wall. He tried heroically to free his girlfriend before the store security arrived. After briefly attending to my clients, the security staff couldn’t wait to tape off the area, remove the injured parties from the scene and destroy the evidence of the collapsed wall. Fortunately, my client was able to take photographs with his cell phone of the collapsed wall. Because of these cell phone pictures, we were able to pinpoint fault, i.e., which contractor was at fault.

Construction Site Accident Representation

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