Dog Bite & Animal Attack Cases

New Jersey Dog Bite & Animal Attack Cases

Most Dog Bite and Dog Attack Cases are Unexpected

Many of us are avid pet lovers and treat our dogs and other pets as loving members of our family. Unfortunately, however, animals when excited may react in an unexpected manner. While the family dog may be a kind and loving animal, it may react inappropriately in certain circumstances by biting individuals. Certain breeds of dogs may cause very serious injuries.

New Jersey Dog Bite Law –  New Jersey is a strict liability state, meaning that dog owners are automatically responsible for injuries caused by their pets.

New Jersey Dog Bite/Attack Lawsuit Case Summaries

Potential Tenant Attacked by Landlord’s Dog

Plaintiff was visiting the Defendants regarding a possible rental property owned by them.  While an invitee upon the premises, Plaintiff was viciously and violently attacked by a husky/sheppard dog. Her injuries included multiple lacerations to her left arm and right leg; closed ulnar styloid fracture of the left wrist; a 1.2 cm thin linear hyperpigmented scar above the left thumb and a 2.5 cm linear hypopigmented scar on the left antecubital area. She also had sparse, scattered hypopigmented scars on the left forearms and a faint purplish patch on the right calf which were permanent and not really amenable to any cosmetic enhancement.

Home Nurse Attacked by Patient’s Dog

This office was also involved in an unusual case where the pet owner’s dog was accompanied by a home healthcare aid who was bitten while tending to the needs of the dog owner.

New Jersey Dog Bite & Animal Attack Representation

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