Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

New Jersey Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall or trip and fall accident cases are quite common and often result in very serious injuries. Businesses in New Jersey may be liable for negligence which leads to an unsafe condition and subsequent accident.

Types of Fall Down Accidents

In slip and fall cases or trip and fall cases, victims are injured when commercial merchants and businesses fail to properly clean or maintain walkways, parking lots or interiors of the premises. Many slip and fall cases result from failure to perform snow removal or removing snow/ice improperly.

Typical cases may take place on a routine trip to the supermarket or walking back and forth to your car in the parking lot. Other fall accidents may involve:

  • a defect in the walking surface,
  • improper construction of steps,
  • failure to maintain entrance or exit ramps,and
  • rough floor surfaces, mats or rugs.

On occasion, step treads and risers may fail to comply with local building codes. This may also happen in skating rinks as well.

The Importance of Prompt Investigation Following a Slip, Trip & Fall Accident

Investigation following slip and fall or trip and fall cases must be commenced very quickly because many times the responsible party repairs or corrects the condition causing the fall.

The plaintiff in a trip or fall accident case in New Jersey bears the burden of proof. This means that the plaintiff is required to prove how the accident occurred and more importantly, what caused the accident to occur. Therefore, it is an absolute requirement that photographs be taken immediately even if only by cell phone.

Slip, Trip & Fall Accident Legal Representation

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