Review of Philip Ciprietti (NJ Car Accident Case)

Philip Ciprietti, NJ Car & Truck Accident Lawyer

Philip Ciprietti offers clients a genuine interest in their well-being and success and places clients’ interests first in all matters. Since 1982, Mr. Ciprietti has been certified by the NJ Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney.

Review: "His commitment and his willingness to go the extra mile, to fight hard for you make Phil an outstanding attorney. He is the one you want on your side." Read more testimonials.

Car accident victim gives high praise and review of Philip T. Ciprietti, a New Jersey car and truck accident lawyer.

“As a newlywed couple of 18 and 21, we first met Philip T. Ciprietti, Esq. when he helped us through the legal maze of life insurance and inheritance resulting from the deaths of my mother, sister and brother in terrible freak accident. As a young partner in my mother’s lawyer’s firm, one of the first jobs Phil did for us when we recovered from that tragedy, was to help us make our wills. By then we were parents of our first child, and although he wasn’t much older than us, Phil—also a young father, taught us that life can and will hand out the unexpected, and that you’ll be okay if you’re prepared with a great lawyer.  Now we are 54 and 57, and long ago Phil became more than our respected attorney and counselor, he became our friend. Even though we have been through an inordinate number of terrible tragedies and experiences, for lost of our lives we have felt safe and protected with Phil and his staff in our corner. When Bill was hit by a drunk driver in the 1970’s, as he stood on the side of the road, he was horribly injured and permanently disabled. Several years later, in the 1980’s, an elderly woman ran a stop sign and forced me to swerve my car into a telephone pole, and the resulting crash caused severe and permanent injuries to my daughter and me. In the early 1990’s my daughter was attacked and mauled by a German shepherd dog. And just a few years ago, a distracted teenager ran a stop sign, caused a three-car pile-up, severely injuring us as we waited at the intersection. In each of these personal injury cases spanning more than three decades, the first call we made was to Phil. His words are always: “Just get better. I will take care of everything.” And he always does. He garnered settlements in each and every case that paid our medical bills, compensated us for lost work, and provided large funds for pain and suffering. Over the years, Phil has helped us navigate legal waters in so many ways we can’t list them all.  Besides personal injury cases, Phil aided us with the dissolution of our small business, and the resulting bankruptcy; served as legal counsel in buying and selling homes as owners; helped to downgrade and settle traffic tickets our young son received as a new driver; and advised us in settling my deceased father’s estate. He has also helped many of our friends and colleagues with personal injury and other cases. Now, our children are adults, and rely on Phil when they need legal counsel. If Phil can’t take a case, he provides an expert referral.  We remember several times over the decades opening the newspaper and seeing stories about Phil winning incredible tort settlements for people who were wrongly injured in workplace or auto accidents. We are never surprised, however, because we know from experience Phil is professional in his dealings and a great communicator. He never comes off as pompous or talks down to us. He asks for our opinions, and applies any information to help our case.  Moreover, Phil treats others – no matter whose side they are on– with respect. He thinks of himself as a common man.  Phil is a true family man who beams when asked about his own clan, then he makes his clients feel like family as well. What makes Phil so strong in the courtroom and in all dealings, besides his vast “textbook knowledge,” is his wide network of professionals, allies, friends and colleagues in the legal, business, insurance, medical and other fields. Everyone seems to know and respect Phil. No matter what the issue, Phil knows the players. And the players know and respect him. He comes in like a tough guy when he needs to, but he is the kindest, most compassionate and supportive ally we have had in trying times. He has cried with us, and then minutes later, he is on the phone or in court battling for our rights. For more than 40 years together, in our lives we have had some wonderful happy times. But we have also suffered some terrible family and collateral losses. When a problem, big or small, occurs, the first thing we always say is: “We’ll be okay, we’ll call Phil.” We can’t imagine life without our dear friend and attorney, Philip T. Ciprietti.”

~William J. Bell, Sr. and Noni Bookbinder Bell, 2013-05-06

*Disclaimer: Results in each case vary, depending on the facts and legal issues of the case. Any discussion of prior results is no guarantee of the same or similar results in future cases.

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