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Car accidents in South New Jersey cities, such as Cherry Hill, Marlton and Camden unfortunately happen quite often.  One of the reasons car and truck accidents happen in NJ is due to drivers speeding.  Car and truck accidents caused by speeding often lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

Just last month, there was a fatal 3 car crash in North Plainfield, NJ.  The driver who caused the fatal car accident was killed in the crash; he was only 26 years old.  The North Plainfield police have determined that the at fault driver was speeding when the accident occurred.  *Source: (Driver deemed responsible for 3-car crash that killed him, North Plainfield police say)

According to police investigation, the at fault driver’s wife, who was a passenger in the car, told the police that her husband was speeding.  She told him to slow down several times while he was driving.  The at fault driver was driving in the right lane and then abruptly changed lanes. As a result, he struck the rear of a vehicle stopped in the center lane and another car in the right lane.

Injuries in Car and Truck Accidents Caused by Speeding

When speeding causes car, truck and bus accidents, injuries sustained by drivers and passengers are also more serious and may even be fatal.

Car crashes at high rates of speed often cause drivers and/or passengers to violently strike their heads on the steering wheel, dashboard and/or windows.  In fact, they often sustain multiple impacts to their heads.  For example, a car that is t-boned by a truck at a high rate of speed may cause the driver to hit his head on the side window, headrest and/or dashboard.  Such head impacts often lead to head injuries, concussions and even permanent brain injuries.

Some injured drivers and passengers may lose consciousness due to the forceful impacts.  Some may not lose consciousness, but may still suffer concussions and/or traumatic brain injuries.  A common mistake car and truck accident victims often make is to assume that they did not sustain brain injuries because they did not lose consciousness.  Injured car or truck driver/passengers who do not lose consciousness in high speed accidents may still have sustained brain injuries.

A few days after the accident, victims may notice difficulty retrieving certain words or have memory problems.  They may also have severe headaches and/or mood swings.  Therefore, it is imperative for injured passengers and drivers to seek medical treatment when any of these symptoms emerge.

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