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Testimonials & Reviews of Philip Ciprietti

 Law Office of Philip Ciprietti 5 star rating


Please read what former clients have to say about working with the Law Office of Philip T. Ciprietti.

  • Review of NJ Lawyer Philip Ciprietti (Nov. 2022)
    “Philip worked with me and I loved everything this man has done for me. There’s no word for him and the people that work with him love them. Honest people. Look no further. Phil is the man.” B. James
  • Review of Phil Ciprietti (Oct. 2022)
    “I would highly recommend Phil; he always kept me up to date on my personal injury case and fought hard to get me the best settlement, easing my anxieties along the way.  I trust him and would recommend him to family and friends needing legal services.  Phil and his team were detailed in explaining the ...
  • Review of Phil Ciprietti (April 2020)
    “If it wasn’t for you and your team I don’t believe my recovery would have gone as well as it did. I will highly recommend your services to friends and family without a doubt.” Shawn and Karen Oglesby
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti (March 2019)
    “I recommend him to everyone if you want an attorney you can trust with years of experience and wonderful staff to handle your case.” D. Fryslin
  • Review of Phil Ciprietti (Feb. 2019)
    “Phil is considerate, thorough and knowledgeable. He explains his strategy without being condescending.” -Cecilia Buffa
  • Review of Phil Ciprietti, NJ Injury Lawyer
    “I have known Phil Ciprietti for many years, and can honestly say he is the most honest, intelligent, very straight forward person I know. I would recommend Mr. Ciprietti any day.” -Gary and Michele James
  • Review of Phil Ciprietti, NJ Accident Lawyer
    “It would be fair to say that Mr. Ciprietti is a consummate professional, and any client would be fortunate to have him as their advocate.” -Ian Sirota
  • Review of NJ Car Accident Lawyer Philip Ciprietti (NJ Car Accident Case)
    “Phil has always made time to take a call, return a telephone call, or meet…he deeply cares about the outcome and accepting the case isn’t simply to make a financial return but to ensure our case is properly adjudicated.” -Ed Hall
  • Review of NJ Car Accident Lawyer Phil Ciprietti
    “Thanks to your diligence and expertise, we prevailed. You’ve been a good friend for over 15 years and always represented us in a straight and honest manner.” -Lorraine & Charlie Bechtel
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti (NJ Car Accident Case)
    “Phil provides sound counsel that reflects realistic expectations, is always available to answer questions, and ensures you receive timely updates on progress.”
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti, New Jersey Civil Trial Lawyer
    “I have always found Mr. Ciprietti to be honest, forthright and one who adheres to the highest professional standards and the cannons of professional responsibility that govern the legal profession.” Gary Walter
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti (NJ Store Fall Down Case)
    “Philip Ciprietti was very patient, attentive and responsive towards me. He did not rush me out of his office like I’ve heard most attorneys do. He always answered my questions and returned my phone calls promptly.” -Jodi Shields
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti (NJ Car Accident Case)
    “Not only did Phil address our legal issues, but he was also genuinely concerned for our physical recovery.” -Ray and Terry Jeschon
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti (NJ Car Accident Case)
    “I have to say yourself and your staff have been very professional in person and on the phone…You are what an attorney is supposed to do, look after their clients!!!” -Steven Michael Perez
  • Review of Philip Ciprietti (NJ Car Accident Case)
    “Phil is professional in his dealings and a great communicator. He never comes off as pompous or talks down to us. He asks for our opinions, and applies any information to help our case.” -William J. Bell, Sr. and Noni Bookbinder Bell



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